People yearn to feel connection and a sense of belonging, even as they pursue their individual goals. 在十大正规网博靠谱平台尤其如此, where we create knowledge, strive to have an impact, 并致力于公益事业.

Community + Values is the focused and empathic work we are doing as a community, 从内在强化自己. 我们努力成为社区的实干家、放大器和连接器. The initiative began in spring 2019 as a way to compose a collective narrative that creates a greater sense of shared values and belonging. 我们邀请了数千名教师,并与他们建立了联系, staff, 学生和校友贡献他们的声音和精力,帮助我们探索. 而这正是他们一直在做的.

结果是一系列的社区对话, events and initiatives that have helped us understand the opportunities we have as a community to create a greater sense of belonging for all. 我们知道,对于每个想要归属感的人来说,DU还没有像“家”一样的感觉, and we want to change that. 我们也知道,很多人在网投比较靠谱的大平台已经完全适应了, 我们想要放大这些体验.

We want to hear from you. 你的声音和你的心属于这份工作. DU is your home. It’s our home.

C+V特色事件,更新 & Initiatives

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Pathways to Community

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Who are we as a community?

Through this pathway, 我们通过各种活动积极探索和构建社区, programs, webinars, and dialogic sessions. We explore the following questions: How do we build community and show up for one another, 在我们的学科内部和跨学科, divisions, departments, and communities? 我们作为一个学术机构的身份是如何形成的, 造福和激励社区的每一个人连接到杜, 不管他们扮演什么角色?



How do we access, create and live in community—individually, in small collectives and as a whole? As we share our stories, we learn about the real differences in the ways we experience community. 同时,我们共同价值观的一些模式也出现了. 活动包括社区之声, 增加社交媒体亮点的存在, 并通过You Rock展示我们令人惊叹的社区成员的工作! Awards program.



我们创造并采用实践, and hold ourselves accountable to making decisions that reflect our communal commitments. 我们借鉴了员工敬业度和COACHE调查以及校园氛围工作, expand our use of inclusive pedagogy tools and resources through the Inclusive Teaching Practices website, and create community-led workshops and conversations for defining our shared values and how we imagine living them.

C+V Happenings & Communications


The Launch of 杜故事马赛克:分享故事,构建社区 - A Storytelling Initiative:

The DU Story Mosaic is a cross-campus collaboration that recognizes the incredible power of storytelling. Modeled after the Human Library 并以我们的C+V社区之声工作为基础, this initiative aims to bring together the entire DU Community to engage in a meaningful exchange of our unique stories. 我们希望社区成员能够倾听, learn from each other, 并在此过程中练习反思,体验个人的成长. 我们还寻求通过讲故事来激发组织内部的变革. The Mosaic will offer participants the opportunity to share stories through a variety of creative expressions to cultivate an embodied community experience where everyone can feel safe to be vulnerable and their authentic selves.



杜致力于实现我们的多元化和包容性的价值观. Our community and institutional success is dependent on how well we engage and embrace the rich diversity of our faculty, staff, administrators, students and alumni. 怀着共同的价值观,并与 Human Resources & Inclusive Community (HRIC), the 多元化、公平和包容办公室(ODEI)The Cultural CenterCommunity + Values, and the 有色人种协会职员, we will celebrate the identities and histories of members of the DU and world communities each month through through features and events. 


C+V致DU社区的一封信:团结一致 & Strength

Read Community + Value’s full letter to the DU community in response to the continued violence against Black people with the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Ahmaud Arbery. The C+V Steering Committee refuses to stand by in silence or passivity and let this systemic violence and crimes against Black people and their lives continue to happen. We reassert, in the strongest terms, 我们继续反对制度性种族主义的立场, violence, bias, hate, and injustice. 

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“我深信我们在十大正规网博靠谱平台所做的一切. We're developing the lives of future generations of individuals who will go out and change the world and be a part of our communities." 
Chancellor Jeremy Haefner


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包容性教学实践|教学办公室 & Learning


由Valentina Iturbe-LaGrave领导, PhD, Director for Inclusive Teaching Practices and Co-Lead of the Community+Values initiative, 这个项目旨在解决复杂的问题, 多视角参与, foster greater belonging, 展现超越国界的同情心,塑造我们世界的未来. 这是十大正规网博靠谱平台的包容性教学.

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